OPHS Girlfriend’s 60th Birthday Party




Most high school girlfriends soon lose touch with each other after graduation. But not so for the Oak Park High School Class of 1969.

On the weekend of August 4th through 7th, a group of 20 former classmates traveled up North to Charlevoix Michigan to get reacquainted and celebrate their mutual 60th birthdays since most were born in 1951.

Janice Cherkasky of Franklin and Beth Erman of West Bloomfield came up with the idea of a big birthday/reunion weekend. They hosted two lavish dinners for the alumna at their lovely Charlevoix homes.

The weekend was packed with fun activities: golf, exercise boot camp, yoga, bicycling, walking, antiquing, Mahj Jong, shopping, Zumba, cocktail parties and a Saturday night beach bonfire highlighted by a jaw dropping game of “Truth or Dare” where everyone was challenged to tell the group something that no one else knew about them.

During the exercise boot camp, Terry, the class leader marched the women up a steep ski hill. One participant, Margi Miller Werber, decided the climb was too difficult and stayed behind. After ascending the hill, the group was working out, when to everyone’s delight and a round of cheers, Margi appeared on top of the hill, inspired by her friends to go for it…and she did!

Women in the OPHS reunion group travelled to Charlevoix from all around the country, including Minda Parrish Werner and Laurie Brandt Goldman from California, Eileen Taxe Levine from Boston, Laurie Stern Singer from Pittsburgh, Judy Pollack Moss from Memphis, Rona Pershin Sheridan Florida and one classmate, Lisa Goodman Pomeroy flew in from Melbourne  Australia. The group of professional women has enjoyed careers in television, education, psychology, event planning, law, and even includes Char Margolis, the world renowned psychic.

Candy maker Judy Pollack Moss created special candies for the group embossed with “60”, a set of birthday cupcakes were passed around for everyone to blow out a candle and sing “Happy Birthday” and Char gifted everyone with a signed copy of her book “Life.”

The foods shared were “Pure Michigan” including lots of delectable fish from John Cross Fisheries, Traverse City Cherry Pies, Boston Coolers with Vernors soda and Root Beer Floats with A&W Root Beer.

“All of us feel that our class was very unique,” said Nancy Kwaselow of West Bloomfield. “We have remained close to many of our Oak Park High School classmates, even though distance and years have come between us. We all have an incredible bond and are already looking forward to celebrating our lifelong friendships again in the future in Charlevoix!”