Change is a small price to pay for a life you love


For those of you who are transplants to sunny California, October may be filled with memories of majestic red, yellow and copper colored leaves falling softly from the trees and crunching beneath your feet. Clean crisp air, golden hay stacks, hot dogs and marshmallows crackling in a bon fire, and pumpkin patches waiting to be plucked for Halloween heightens the senses. (In warmer climates, they’re just happy for a cool breeze!) As if life weren’t grand enough, the hands of time fall back an hour providing more time to enjoy this refreshing season. No matter what your roots, the universe declares the awesome power and purpose of change in creation at Autumn, gently reminding us to remain open to change as well. It’s easy to get comfortable with the status quo in life. If you’re in a bit of a rut in any area of your life, consider following the universe’s lead. Make one small change to move yourself towards your heart’s desire…lose 10 lbs. (it may lead to 20), run that 5K (it may lead to a triathlon), start a business (it may lead to unlimited income rather than a fixed salary), release a difficult client or employee (it may lead to peaceful sleep at night), be the first to say I’m sorry to restore a meaningful relationship (it may lead to no regrets), think I can vs. I can’t (because you can). Change is a small price to pay for a life you love, so listen to your heart – and go for it!

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