Important Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist


In our last blog, we addressed “25 Important Questions to Ask Your Physician” on the front and back side of a consultation with a new doctor.  This week, we thought it might be helpful to review important questions to ask your pharmacist.  Lenore Kelley, Chief Pharmacist for CIGNA Home Delivery Pharmacy, feels that pharmacists are a priceless resource for people if they know what to ask.  Knowledge is power and it’s extremely important that you are armed and ready when a physician hands you a new prescription.  You can read Lenore’s helpful suggestions here.


To recap, Lenore Kelley recommends that you ask:

  • “Why do I need this medication?”
  • “How important is it to take my medication exactly as prescribed?”
  • “Are there other ways to take my medications?”
  • “What are the side effects?”

To Lenore’s list, we would add:

  • Does this drug treat [insert your diagnosis]?
  • Is there anything I need to report to my doctor?
  • Is this drug safe to take with [insert your other medications]?
  • Is the dose correct for my age [insert] and weight [insert]?


A friend recently shared that she tossed numerous expensive boxes of medicated pads used for relief from Shingles Post Herpetic Neuralgia.  When she saw her physician, she requested more and explained why.  She was heartsick to hear that the pads were good for at least a year past the date on the box.  This is just one example of the need for open lines of communication between the patient, doctor and pharmacist.  Many costly (or worse yet, life-threatening) situations can be avoided by asking the right questions.  As with our list of questions to ask your physician, feel free to print out this list of questions and keep with you at all times.  Print a few for the elderly people in your life as well, compliments of Parrish Law – here to help you and yours create a “Legacy of Love”!


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