Seniors in Love


When my kids were young, they loved the Disney classic, Bambi.  Baby Bambi was so precious.  Once spring had sprung, Bambi surfaced as an adolescent.  He was stumped by his friend’s peculiar behavior.  All his buddies were totally mesmerized by the cute little female deers.  Baffled, Bambi turned to the wise old owl to find out what was wrong with them.  To his surprise, the gruff owl announced “They are twitterpated!”


I’ve had the honor of serving many seniors over the years, and I’ve noticed that a fluttering heart is not reserved for teens who are falling head over heels for their first love.  Seniors can also become “twitterpated.”  When the elderly turn to us for guidance and direction prior to tying the knot, they’re not interested in a boring speech about dating and marriage, or remarriage.  They want to get on with things, like yesterday, since time is short.  It’s on us to caution them about common pitfalls.


The older the couple is, the more likely it is that their health will become an issue at some point in time for one, or the other, or both partners.  Married couples between the age of 20 – 65 stand a much better chance of experiencing good health.  Jimmy Stewart said it best when he declared , “After seventy, it’s just patch-patch-patch.”  Seniors who are “twitterpated” and heading towards the altar need to know that when they promise to “love, honor and cherish” their beloved, they are also promising (legally) to pay for their partner’s medical expenses.  The promise is implied and legally enforceable.


If you know a senior who is about to say, “I do,” please let them know that a pre-nuptial agreement will not stop medical providers or the State of California from attempting to collect for unpaid medical bills and/or reimbursement for Medicaid expenditures.

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