My Trip to Greece with Lisa


“Nothing in life is more exciting and rewarding than the sudden flash of insight that leaves you a changed person – not only changed, but for the better.” – Arthur Gordon

Dear Friends & Colleagues, I’m especially excited to write you this month as I want to share my impressions while traveling through Spain and Greece during the month of May with my youngest daughter Lisa who has been studying abroad. During the time that we were away, flights in general were being canceled land airports closed, due to the volcano ash and the British Airways threat of a strike. There were riots in Athens, and Greece was bailed out by the European Union. There was talk of Spain heading in that direction also – yet the people didn’t show signs of stress or despair. They continued to sit outside in the cafes, relaxed and peaceful. All in all, we were very lucky. Our luggage was searched, lost, and then found again a week later. Other than that minor snafu, the trip was extraordinary! We have memories that will last us a lifetime. (I hope you enjoy the picture of us together.) The art, history, and culture were inspirational. Nowhere in our country do we have the antiquities; stories going back to the middle ages or before, and buildings that are centuries old. So much of our present day philosophy, science, and art was formulated by the Greeks thousands of years ago. It is amazing how relevant their ideas are to this day. Speaking of which, I’m totally refreshed and ready to help you take account of your estate with a well written plan for your family’s “Legacy of Love”. So, let’s talk soon! Minda

P.S.  To view more pictures from our trip to Spain and Greece, Click Here!

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